Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Save! Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press

Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press

Product Description
For remote drilling in metal, the 4270-20 is a great choice. It can drill up to 1 1/2in. diameter holes through 2in. thick steel with annular cutters, or 1/2in. diameter holes 4 1/4in. deep with twist drill bits. The tool is setup to accept standard 3/4in. Weldon shank cutters. USA. HP: 1.1, Volts: 120, Speed (RPM): 450, Drilling Capacity (in.): 2, Chuck Size (in.): 3/4

  • Powerful 9.0 amp 1.1 max HP motor
  • Only 26.5 lbs. with comfortable carrying handle
  • Strong two-coil magnet
  • Two positions for feed handle - relocate without tools
  • Simple two-button control panel - unobstructed by feed handle

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This is an Awesome tool!
I bought this unit from my local tool store for almost $1000 about a year ago (I was in a hurry). It is absolutely amazing how quickly it bores holes, and they are burr free, front and backside. Get one with a case because you are not going to want this tool banging around in the back of your truck. It's really hard to describe how well it works. The weight is just right: nice "heft" and I had no trouble positioning it above my head on a vertical beam in my shop.

Worth every penny!
If you have to drill hundreds of holes, this is the tool. I had to drill about 175 holes through the flange of W14x43 steel. This size steel has 1/2" thick flanges. I drilled a 7/16" hole through in seconds. It's amazing! The magnet is very powerfull. I put all my weight (175lbs) on it and it wouldn't budge. It comes with a safety strap and use it, especially if your working with a crew that might accidently cut off your power supply for what ever reason. It paid for it self on this one job for me.

More Info: Save! Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press

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